Thursday, June 14, 2007

Apple iphone 4gb 8gb

The anticipation has been burning hot for the Apple iPhone and it is finally here. Four of today's hottest tech "must haves" rolled up into one: a cell phone, a wide screen iPod with easy touch controls, an internet communications device, and a 2MP digital camera phone, with AT&T as the sole service carrier for now. Add an ATM to that and you're good to go !! Starting in June, both Apple stores and AT&T stores (formerly cingular wireless) will be selling this phone. They will be offering two versions; the Apple iPhone 4GB and the Apple iPhone 8GB. All this technology and versatility does not come cheap and will require a two year contract. The 4GB will set you back about $499.00 and the 8GB $599.99.

Say goodbye to traditional cell phone keyboard designs, as there are no buttons. Every operation on this futuristic phone is touch screen. The intelligent keyboard is supposed to be predictive, so it prevents and corrects mistakes, making smart phones a thing of the past. We wonder if it could predict lottery numbers? Apple has created a smooth design with a huge 3.5 inch display. Giving you the control to zoom in and out on any part of a web page, glide through albums, flip through photos and email with a touch !! You won't find any of these features and design functions on Sony Ericsson W810i, the Verizon V Cast, the Nokia 3300 or the Nokia 5300, but there are a lot easier on the pocket with much lower cost and greater flexibility with a choice of cell phone service carriers and contracts.

One of the coolest features is the visual voicemail. No more calling your voicemail !! Visual Voicemail displays all your message in a list, like an email, so you can simply listen to the message you want. The 4GB and 8GB models have no restrictions on how much memory you can fill up with media content. You can even record and store your own audio recordings with a built-in mic. Also, with the standard 3.5mm audio jack, which most cell phones do not have, allows you can use all standard and trendy stereo headphones.

Now the 2 mega pixel camera phone sounds good with a photo management tool, as well as text and multimedia messaging, speaker phone, conference calling and of course google maps. Lets not forget to mention EDGE, GPRS, GSM Quadband with WiFi capabilities. Lets take another look at the 3.5 inch wide screen ipod where you can enjoy music, audio books, TV Shows, Movies, videos and lets you synchronize your iTunes library on your Mac or PC.
There are relative comparisons with other cellular phones in way of shapes and sizes. The iPhone dimensions are 4.5 inches tall and 2.4 inches wide by .46 inches thick making the iPhone is slimmer than the Samsung Blackjack and the Motorola Q, a decent size comparison could made to the Palm Treo 750.

There are many other revolutionary break throughs that are redefining what you can do on a cell phone. The hype has been tremendous and we truly wont know if the Apple iPhone will live up to space age capabilities.